Best lawn mower buying guide 2019

There are so many types of lawn mower to keep your lawn looking good. To keep your lawn neat and clean you must have a clear idea about the types as some lawn mowers are good for a small yard, some for a large yard. Some mowers are suitable for a hilly yard. In case of choosing you should have to know your requirements as well as the features of the mowers.

This lawn mower buying guide helps you to take a quick and smart decision. You will definitely get a durable and perfect solution for cutting your lawn. Many different types of lawn mower exist. Basic types are:

  1. Self-propelled lawn mower
  2. Riding lawn mower
  3. Robotic lawn mower
  4. Push lawn mower
  5. Zero-turn lawn mower
  6. Gas lawn mower
  7. Reel lawn mower
  8. Electric lawn mower

1. Self-propelled lawn mower

The self-propelled lawn mower is easier to move as it drives itself. Self-propelled is best for flat yards from 1/4-1/2 acre or sloped yards up to 1/4 acre. As the mechanics required to push itself forward, it requires more maintenance than push mowers. The extra cost might be worth it because of its nature friendliness. Basically, there are two types of self-propelled lawn mowers that are rear-wheel drive lawn mowers and front-wheel drive lawn mowers. Again the rear-wheel-drive mowers are suitable for hills and front-wheel drive mowers are suitable for flat lawns.


  • Don't require a manual push and are suitable for small to medium lawns
  • More maneuverability
  • Shorter mowing time
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Longer lasting
  • Cleaner mow job
  • Better mulching
  • Less trimming in your yard


  • It is heavier and more costly than the push reel lawn mower
  • Extra cost

Considering factor when buying a self-propelled lawn mower

1. Lawn size: For buying a lawn mower at first you have to consider your lawn size. Self-propelled mowers are best suited for any yard that has medium to large sized.

2. Terrain: Self- propelled mowers can easily mow your yard even if yards get steep, or have uneven or sloped terrain. It has easy to use features in case of widely varying yard slopes.

3. Cutting width: You should get a wider mower if your yard is big. Though wider mowers are going to weigh more, be bulkier, and be harder to store it is efficient for a large yard.

4. Mower speed: Self-propelled mowers usually have several speed options. You can choose any one considering the adjustment. It is faster than most other mowers.

5. Self-propelled lawn mower weight: It includes more features and functionalities. It is larger and powerful. So obviously it is heavier. But This disadvantage can be ignored as it is robust.

6. Noise: Self-propelled lawn mower can be electric powered or gas-powered. If you want less noisy one than you should select electric lawn mower.

7. Front wheel drive vs rear wheel drive: Front wheel drive mowers are the best choice for flatter slopes and rear wheel drive is better if your yard has steep or hard to push features like hills or trenches.

Self-propelled lawn mower basically has two types: Electric and Gas-powered. If you want less noisy one than you should select electric lawn mower.

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2. Riding lawn mower

Riding lawn mowers are best for yards larger than 1/2 acre. There are two types of riding lawn mowers that make big mowing jobs manageable: standard riding lawn mowers and zero-turn riding lawn mowers. Gas-powered lawn mowers are also robust but there are certain limitations in them. For instance, gas-powered lawn mowers involve human operator to walk along which can be tiresome for large areas. Unlike the gas mower, there is an enormous space to collect the grass clippings. Though it is expensive, it has many beneficial features like 15 to 30 degrees turn radius, easy driving, front wheel steering design, larger area mowing capacity and capability to be operated on slopes and flat lawns, justify the hefty price tag.


  • They offer better traction on hills
  • Easy to engage the blades
  • Adjust your cutting height
  • Front wheel steering design
  • Larger area mowing capacity
  • Capability to be operated on slopes and flat lawns
  • Can justify the hefty price tag.


It also involves extra exercise as the bag of gas mowers which collects the clippings is not of the enormous size and such a situation requires the operator to empty the bag frequently.

Why should you buy the best riding lawn mower

1. Cutting width: You should select a suitable mower for your lawn. For this reason, you must have considered the cutting width. If your yard is large and mostly open, it is better your riding lawn mower has a large cutting width. The cutting widths can range from at least 28 inches to 60 inches.

2. Turning radius: This is another important aspect in the case of choosing the best mower. The turning radius of riding mowers tolerates from 4 inches to 28 inches. A small turning radius will be very helpful if your garden is full of obstacles. A zero turn mower might be your best choice in this case but it is difficult to work with a zero turn lawn mower on hills as it tends to turn too sharply on steep terrain.

3. Engine power: At first you need to know that, engine horsepower determines the mowing speed and how fast the blades can turn. The engine power can range from 12 to 25. You should not only focus on the engine power as well as on the cooling system, the oil filtering system, the air filter, and the engine type

4. Single cylinder or twin cylinder: The twin cylinders provide more power to your lawn mowers and are suitable for large yards. The single cylinder engines are recommended for yards smaller than an acre.

5. Transmissions: Transmission can be automatic and automatic transmission can help you control the speed of your mower easily. It doesn't require clutch or changing gears. This is very helpful, especially when there are many obstacles in your garden.

Though riding lawn mower is much more expensive than a push mower it will save your time and effort significantly.

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3. Robotic lawn mower

Robotic lawn mowers are best for yards up to 1/4 acre. It is one of the popular types of Lawn Mower. Here, you don't have to spend much of your time when you use the Robotic lawn mower. Elder people and most importantly those people who remain busy and can't get spare time to mow the lawn can use this mower. These mowers are fast, reliable, low in maintenance, quite in mowing, environment-friendly and even can be scheduled via a mobile app. It is equipped with an obstacle avoidance system that provides safety to your cute robot all the time. It is quiet enough to run at night if you so desire.

  • It will save time, money and effort
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Beneficial for those people who don't like to work in unbearable weather
  • Fast and reliable

    • Anyone physically unable to maintain their lawn


        • Installation and programming are challenging
        • Run in a random pattern
        • This mower is very expensive.

          Considering factor when buying a robotic lawn mower

          1. Time-saving and safety feature: It will save you time and give you the convenience to spend your time in other important tasks.

          2. Avoid obstacles: The devices are equipped with multiple sensors which allowed them to avoid obstacles.

          3. High-quality construction: It has a durable feature as it is equipped with high-quality construction. It offers automatic turn-on and auto-shut features.

          4. Programmable: It is another function that allows you to set your lawnmower to automatically run at specific times or on specific days. Some programmable models can be controlled by smartphones using WiFi or Bluetooth.

          Automatic lawn mower saves not only the money but also time. It is a great lawn mower for a small to a medium sized lawn.

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          4. Push lawn mower

          The Push lawn mower is one of the best and popular types of Lawn Mower. It is the best for yards up to 1/4 acre. It is powered by you. This mower is suitable for small lawns. In push lawn mower, grasses are collected in the roar bag which saves your extra time for collecting grass. You only have to push the mower forward. Here, no need for gas, oil, and engine maintenance. This mower is lightweight.


          • It makes your lawn attractive
          • Completely environment-friendly
          • It doesn't emit any pollution
          • lightweight
          • No maintenance cost


          • Pricey and
          • The batteries have a limited charge.

          Why should you buy the push lawn mower

          1. An efficient choice for a small yard: These mowers are especially suitable for a small yard of a family's garden. A push mower is a perfect choice for you if you have a small yard and it will improve the performance.

          2. Reasonable price: Comparing with the price of the other types of a lawn mower, like the best self-propelled lawn mower, riding or robotic lawn mower, the price of a push mower is quite suitable for a family.

          3. Clean-up features: There are two types of push mowers: mulching and bagging. Both of the machines can clean up your yard effectively. There are attached bag in a bagging push mower cuts all of the lawn and falling leaves in your yard and collect them into it.

          4. Ease of use: You can learn to use your push mower as simply as other household appliances in your house.

          5. Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of a push mower is very low that you only need to pay for the annual maintenance cost including the cost to re-sharpen the mowing blade and the cost to change new oil in your lawnmower engine.

          A push lawn mower is efficient and is the best choice for a small lawn. It is lightweight and extra cost-free.

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          5. Zero-turn lawn mower

          Zero-turn lawn mowers are best for yards over 1/2 acre without too many hills. This is a specific type of riding lawn mower. Some have a very powerful and efficient twin cylinder engine of Briggs & Stratton. Zero turn mower is engineered to perform well and turn tightly despite obstacles and turns. It allows you to cut grass growing close to landscaping. The weaknesses of the riding lawn mowers are covered in zero turn lawn mowers. But zero turn lawn mower has some advantages like easy maneuverability and fast mowing justify the hefty price tag.


          • It can work with shorter mowing time
          • These mowers have many innovative features
          • Faster and quiet great Lawn Mower
          • Less fuel consumption
          • Longer lasting, cleaner mow job, better mulching and less trimming in your yard
          • Ease of manipulation and versatility


          • Zero turn lawn mowers are more expensive than the riding lawn mowers
          • Sometimes come with no headlights.

          Considering factor when buying a zero-turn lawn mower

          1. Hydraulic system: The key component that differs a zero turn mower from conventional riding one. When you decided to buy a zero turn mower, please look at the hydraulic system first and choose which one has a good reputation and a great warranty policy.

          2. Engine: The engine powers the hydraulic system. There are various engine brands on the market. The commercial grade zero turn mowers usually have more powerful engines than consumer grade ones. So based on your requirements and budget, you can choose the most suitable one.

          3. Deck: Fabricated or welded deck is more durable than the stamped deck, which is made of a single piece of steel. However, different mowers go with different types of decks. A stamped deck may be good enough if you don't have a large yard.

          4. Frame: The frame connects to the deck to feature multiple functions or service that a zero turn mower has to perform. A durable frame is what the buyers search for when making purchasing decisions. The thicker the steel is, the stronger the frame is.

          Zero turn lawn mower has many unique features that make it different from others. You'll get the most outstanding lawn mower here

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          6. Gas lawn mower

          Gas lawn mowers are used widely as they offer high power, unlimited mobility and they are more durable in comparison with electric models. They cut through tougher grass with ease. It cuts and runs very easily as it has a very simple design. It is best for large and medium-sized sections. This mower can collect grass into the special collector, throw it back or to the side, and mulch. It minimizes the operator's efforts while working and is designed for operation in large areas, or on inclined terrain. It takes a cutting width of 40 cm for a medium sized lawn.


          • There is no cord to limit mobility
          • It has the ability to mow larger areas without waiting for a battery to charge
          • Durable than most electric mowers
          • High power and unlimited mobility.


          • It is noisy
          • Emit gas which pollutes the air.

          Considering factor when buying a gas lawn mower

          1. Yard size: This mower is suitable for a large yard. This is the best option for bigger yards.

          2. Dependability and durability: This both features exist within gas mower which makes it important.

          3. Sound: This mower is powered by gas and would produce a unique mowing sound together with emissions while mowing.

          4. Grass catcher: Here there includes a grass collector to collect the grass. Then grind the grass to a very small particle which is later use as a fertilizer.

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          7. Reel lawn mower

          Reel lawn mowers are an environmentally friendly way to care for your lawn. It works best for flat yards up to 1/8 acre and a manual-reel mower will need an occasional blade adjustment and sharpening. They have no engine so are quiet and here you benefit from the physical activity. These mowers cut blades of grass like a pair of scissors, leaving your lawn looking healthy and manicured.


          • These mowers don't pollute
          • You don't need to store gas
          • The engine is quiet
          • Inexpensive, and relatively safe
          • Better for the health of your grass


          The cutting swaths are typically small at 14 to 18 inches wide.

          Considering factor buying a reel lawn mower

          1. Electric reel lawn mower vs manual reel lawn mower: In electric reel lawn mower, a battery turns the blades, while the blades on a manual reel lawn mower only turn when you push it. Electric reel lawn mowers are heavier than the manual ones. They can help to save your effort. On the contrary, a manual reel lawn mower provides ease and simplicity.

          2. Size and weight: If you have a large yard, you might want a widest mower that can cut 20 inches with each pass and if a yard is just average size, then a smaller mower with a 15-inch cutting width would be fine for you.

          3. Type of grass: Some types of grass require a big reel mower. A lightweight mower may not perform well on the thick grasses while it performs better in case of the thin grass.

          4. Blades: Reel mowers are designed either with tempered alloy blades that cut with contact or with hardened steel blades that make no contact with the reel called silent cut mowers which is quiet. If you love silence then this is suitable for you.

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          8. Electric lawn mower

          The electric lawn mower has two types: corded and cordless. In case of corded mowers, you have to plug in while you use them, again in a cordless mower you can push freely like other walk-behind mowers. Some electric mowers come equipped with a battery, some are not. So you should be careful about that while buying.


          • Convenient and easier to maintain
          • Quite
          • Lighter than gas-powered powers.
          • Environmentally friendly and less expensive.


          • This lawn mower can be a hassle to use, though, especially if they are corded.

          Why should you buy an electric lawn mower

          1. Environmentally friendly: With an electric lawn mower you have contributed a part in the reduction of air pollution. It never pollutes the air.

          2. Less expensive: Electric mowers are as powerful as their gas-powered counterpart and they can be less expensive maybe not in terms of initial costs but on ongoing expenses.

          3. Better starting mechanism and safety features: Most of the electric mower has a starter button or a starter handle. There is a safety mechanism unlike gas mower, which minimizes the risk of accidents.

          4. Types: There are three types of this mower: the cylinder mower, Hover type, and rotary electric mower. The cylinder mower is effective for frequent cut, Hover type is best suited for uneven surfaces and medium irregularly sized gardens and the rotary electric mower is best suitable for longer grass.

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          When you think about a lawn mower you should consider the size of your yard and the amount of time you want to spend on keeping it trimmed. In case of having a small space or a lot of narrow areas around your lawn with flower beds or other types of obstacles, you may want to choose a compact mower to ensure you can get into the small spaces. Again if you have a medium size lawn, you may wish to purchase a mower with a wider deck. There is also corded, cordless, and gas-powered options. So in order to take a decision which mower fulfill your requirement, you must buy this lawn mower buying guide 2019.

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